Frequently Asked Questions

Sitters At Your Service FAQ’s

1. Once I have sent in my registration information, what is the process?

A: Once we have received your registration form/fee, we will mail you your client number. When you need a sitter, call SittersAYS and if you reach our voicemail, please leave your name, client #, date of sit, and the beginning and end time of sit. Most sitters like to know how long the sits are, and some sitters do more than one sit a day.

2. How much notice do you require to find a sitter? When do you confirm the sitter?

A. The more notice you give, the more guaranteed you will have a sitter. We fill many same day and day before sit requests. We will generally confirm that you have a sitter 1-2 days prior to your sit request even if you give 1-3 weeks notice. If you need to know sooner, please let us know, but no news is good news. If we think we are going to have a problem with your time, we will call and ask if your sit is flexible.  

3. What is your Cancellation Policy?

A. Beginning July 1, 2006 the policy will be as follows:
* $3.00 cancellation fee WITHOUT sitter confirmation
* Full placement fee WITH sitter confirmation
*Cancellation within 24 hrs of scheduled sit = full placement
   + 1.5 hr sitter fee

4. If I am on the waiting list what are my chances of getting a sitter?

A. When we put you on a waiting list, it is so that you are aware that we are busier than normal. We are usually able to fill some or all of the sits on the waiting list, and we will let you know as soon as we fill your sit. If you find a sitter on your own, PLEASE let us know ASAP so we can remove your name from the list.

5. Why is our client # so important?

A. With several families, we have many similar last names in our data base. We also have families where the parents have different last names. Your client # is best way to identify you. If you don’t know your client #, call us. You can locate it on your billing statement as well.

6.  Can you provide us with the same sitter every week?

A. We have many families who use a regular sitter on a weekly basis. If you would like to find 1 sitter, please let us know your days and times.
We highly suggest trying a few different sitters first before you settle on one sitter. Remember 90% of our sitters are college, grad, PA and medical students and their school schedules change quarterly. The only service we can not provide is M-F/ 9 - 5 nanny positions.

7. How do you find your sitters and what is your hiring process?

A. Almost all of our new sitters are referrals from our current sitters. We interview each potential sitter personally, check their personal and work references and do a criminal background check followed by a company orientation.

8. Can I request a specific sitter?

A. Yes! If you find a sitter you really like, please let us know when you are requesting your sit that you would like us to check with a certain sitter. We can’t guarantee she’ll be available, but we will always start with your request.

9. If I return home earlier than my requested time do I have to pay for the whole time?

A. Yes! You are required to pay the sitter for the full time you booked the sit with SittersAYS. If you book a sit for 6-12 and come home at 10pm, the sitter should be paid for the full 6 hrs that the original sit was booked for. Many sitter take sits based on the length of the job, and they need to be compensated for the full time booked.  Note:  Sitters will be paid $1 per minute pass booked time.

10. Should I tip the sitter?

A. That is up to the individual client. We suggest that if you really like the sitter and she did a good job that you tip her. Lets’ face it; you tip waiters and hairdressers, why wouldn’t you tip a sitter who has taken good care of your children?

11. Can I contact the sitters directly?

A. No, all sitting appointments must be scheduled through the SittersAYS office.  If you attempt to schedule a sit directly with the sitter you will be charged a $50 fee.  While you are away you can instruct the sitter to answer the house phone if you would like an update during the sit.  Otherwise, you can contact the office if you have sitting question pertaining to a past sit.

12. If I have to cancel or make any changes in my sitting arrangements (start earlier or later), what should I do?

A. Anything that has to do with scheduling, canceling or changing sitting arrangements MUST come through the SittersAYS office. You may NOT contact a sitter directly to make changes.

**** All families who want to use a SittersAYS must be a registered client. The only exception is if you are having out of town guests and you take responsibility. If you share a sitter with another registered client, please see the applicable rates.



We love our families, and our families love us. Read what they have to say!

I want to let you know that I used Lynette's Sitters at Your Service for the first time last night. The lady, Miss Francis, arrived about five minutes EARLY. I was running late; she immediately took the screaming 1 year old from my arms and calmed him down. She feed my children dinner and cooked the vegetables herself. She did not even ask how to turn on the TV. She had puppets and activities for the children to play with. The boys immediately loved him and barely said goodbye to me when I walked out the door. She gave them a bath. When I got home at 9:00 pm, the kids were in bed, the food was in the refrigerator, and the family room was cleaner than I had it.

- Miesha H.
Richmond Heights, OH

I loved Jackie...She was great! She was punctual, nurturing and so friendly. Thanks again.

- Yolanda L.
University Heights, OH

Ethan is having a blast with the sitters. They are super nice. He has really enjoyed Mesha. I am so glad I found your service.

- Sara M.
Cleveland, OH

Trina is wonderfull! Everything is going well. I am pleased.

- Olu F.
Strongsville, OH

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